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[11/06/2016] Visiting professor at Unice (13/06-10/07)


Having left for two years, I've returned to Nice between 13 Jun. to 10 Jul. I stayed in  the University of Nice Sopha-Antipolisas a visiting professor, and collaborate with Cedric Richard to work on the topic of multitask adaption over networks, with a fruitaful collabortion during this month.We have submitted one paper about on multitask learning with the overlapped common subspace strcutre to Journal of Selected Topics of Signal Processing. We have also proceeded other two journal papers. It wat very nice meeting all my old friends (Henri, Andre, Remy, Celine, Claude, Jean-vernin, David Mary, Cedric Fevotte, Roula, Rita, Delpine, Joceline ...),  at Nice! It was also nice discussing with David Brie and Yingying Song from University of Lorraine on sequential deconvolution.

I left Nice before the miserable attack on July 14. Hope Nice is alway nice and peace.

Nice port

University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Science campus)

Lagrange Laboratory

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