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Hyperspectral data

Hyperspectral unmixing data with group truth

Real hyperspectral data captured in our lab. Checkerboard type mixture and intimate mixutre are considered with the known endmembers and aboundances.

Please cite our paper IEEE J-STARS 2019 and IEEE IGARSS 2018 paper. 

Data 1 (Journal version), Data 2 (Conference version) 

Bioinformatics data

Hi-C data matrix of Chromosome 6, 14, 18, and 19

Hi-C matrices of Chr-6, 14, 18 and 19 at 100kb at resolution (fibroblasts).

Please cite our paper "H. Chen, J. Chen et al.  Functional organization of the human 4D nucleaome , PNAS,  vol.112, no. 26, pp. 8002-8007, Jun. 2015" if you use this data. 

Hind-III cutting sites

Coordinates of the Hind-III cutting sites identified over HG-19 (Indentified by my program).

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